Digital Games of Text Books


With the advancement of mobile technology, the mobile phone is no longer treated only as a communication device but also as a source of entertainment. However, when the concern of education is involved, the technological advancement itself is not enough to ensure the effectiveness. There are many other factors that the designers must keep in their minds while developing these educational games. In case of making these games engaging and pedagogical, the designers have to guarantee the learning outcomes worthwhile and an effective gaming experience simultaneously. The major problem of learning education in Bangladesh has figured as the discouragement the students face in their early stage that restricts them from enjoying the subject matter. If an educational game is well designed and engaging, the users not only feel encouraged to learn it but also get a direction to use them in real life. Keeping this in mind, Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. is also planning to develop 50 games based on text books of Class 1-10.

OCR & Text to Speech in Banking sector

For Visually Impaired People (Both bangla and english)


Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. is always passionate to do something for the under privileged people of the society. Recently we have planned to do a banking solution through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the visually impaired people. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology offers blind and visually impaired persons the capacity to scan printed text and then speak it back in synthetic speech or save it to a computer. Little technology exists to interpret graphics such as line art, photographs, and graphs into a medium easily accessible to blind and visually impaired persons. Reading machines are mechatronic devices which use optical character recognition and text-to-speech technology in order to output synthetic voice from printed text. This whole system can also be unsed in banking sector such as check deposit slips and new account opening forms to collect data from customers.  In this project proposal, OCR has been proposed for visually impaired or blind persons which can be used in Banking as well as in multi dimensional sector. It reads both Bangla and English textual information on papers and produces corresponding voice using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and TTS (Text-to-speech) system. To localize text regions in images connected component labeling approach using histogram analysis is done on binarized image. TTS system using concatenated synthesis based on SDK (Software Development Kit) platform is used. This system is operated via a voice-based user interface and also has a user friendly GUI (graphical user interface) to scan the text and to control various speech parameters. Speech signal produced can be saved and reproduced for later use.

Conversion of Text Books into Digital Mobile Apps


This project signifies a bunch of mobile apps developed in Android platform designed with the specific goal of helping the students and the teachers. These applications will help the technical education system of Bangladesh to reach to a new dimension of technology. The application is targeted at the smart phone market because of the ubiquity that devices have achieved in recent times. More so, the prospective end users will find this application more useful than traditional form of education currently in use because they may not need to purchase books, because a smart phone application will eliminate the demand of purchasing books and will provide more than some unique facilities, excellent UI design and graphical interface which would not be possible through conventional books.

Enhancement of Security, Health Safety and Life Style of Women


Bangladesh’s socio-cultural environment contains pervasive gender discrimination, so girls and women face many obstacles to their development. Girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family, and from the time of birth, they receive less investment in their health, care and education. With the advent of puberty, differences in the ways that adolescent girls and boys are treated become much more pronounced. Adolescence is not viewed as a distinct phase of life; instead the onset of physical maturity is seen as an abrupt shift from childhood to adulthood. At puberty, girls’ mobility is often restricted, which limits their access to livelihood, learning and recreational and social activities. Bangladesh’s rates of child marriage and adolescent motherhood are among the highest in the world. Maternal mortality rates also remain extremely high. Poor maternal health is the result of early marriage, women’s malnutrition, a lack of access to and use of medical services and a lack of knowledge and information. Most women give birth without a skilled attendant. In the home, women’s mobility is greatly limited and their decision-making power is often restricted. For instance, about 48 percent of Bangladeshi women say that their husbands alone make decisions about their health, while 35 percent say that their husbands alone make decisions regarding visits to family and friends. Violence against women is another major impediment to women’s development.

To improve this condition of the women in Bangladesh, Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. has taken an initiative to develop some mobile apps, mobile games and some educational multimedia contents to raise awareness and enhance women safety.