Selecting the Right Software for Your Organization


20 Dec Selecting the Right Software for Your Organization

Utilizing software in any business can be an absolute blessing or a complete disaster. The addition of specialized software can increase efficiency and even relieve a company from financial strain, but at the other end of the spectrum it can cause extreme frustration and may add to the financial pressure of a company. The experience may differ as dissimilar companies require different needs. As part of a top software development company in Bangladesh, Dream71 Bangladesh Limited, which is arguably the best software company in Bangladesh, we work with clients around the world. While working with them and receiving their feedback we have constructed a small guide that will hopefully help you seek out the best software for you.


Understand Your Specific Needs:

The first issue that must be addressed when searching for software is to understand the needs of the company. A common error that occurs when searching for software is that organizations do not completely understand what exact duties the software must complete. Taking time to examine existing hardware and software already in a company’s possession may eliminate unnecessary tasks originally sought out in new software. Some problems may even be solved internally, through management. This in turn, will greatly narrow the list of new software possibilities. Further analysis of a business’s deficiencies can help filter out possible selections even further. As a result, valuable time and expenses may be greatly reduced.


Multiple Ways to Research:

Extensive research must be done to discover the best software for a corporation’s needs. A good place start would be to see what similar companies are using and how long they have been using that specific software. There is no harm in asking peers about what programs they have incorporated in their business. This will at least give someone an idea about the benefits and disadvantages associated with that particular software. Application and software reviews are also a great method to gauge the potential of software, and an approach to get more in depth detail without having to purchase anything upfront. The best way to really understand any type of software is to get some hands on experience with it. Many applications, not all, offer a free trial or demo version, so the consumer can confidently judge whether or not the specific software is appropriate for them or not.


Be Willing to Expand Your Budget:

An important factor that can be applied to any investment is cost. Is the new software meant for short term or long term use? If long term, then it may be worth expanding the budget. For startup companies, cost is one the biggest factors, if not the biggest factor. Usually, “you get what you pay for.” Payed applications and software tend to be more flexible and receive frequent updates to remove any complications. They are also constantly examined for unforeseen bugs to improve stability. Along with these previous features, they are inclined to have quick cancellation plans if the consumer is unhappy with the service. Overall, if the application is worth the value and performs as intended it may end up saving money in the long run.

PocketSales71 is an App developed by Dream71 Bangladesh Limited, which is as mentioned before is a software company in Bangladesh that receive feedback from clients and immediately work on improving their experience. Once updates are completed they are immediately sent to the consumers. Communication is vital for them to continue quick, constant support. “We tried them all; Overhead, Seamless. When we found PocketSales71, it was easier for us and the price was better than anything out there,” says Greg Gibbs, owner of Chicago Bagel Authority.


Be Conscience of Security:

Security precautions are essential for software, especially for large corporations. In recent years, there have been security breaches costing companies millions of dollars. In October of 2015, Vodafone was hacked and personal and financial data of about 2000 customers was stolen. This data included email address, passwords, and even bank sort codes. Therefore, it is vital that both software and the software provider are prepared for any cyber-attacks. This is explicitly important for business applications that apply a cloud for data storage, as hackers have a tendency to get information from these sources.


Learn about Software Providers:

Research must not be limited to just software; the software provider must also be carefully reviewed. Lots of different software and application providers have very creative ideas, but they vary in execution. It does not necessarily mean that the software provider has to have decades of experience, other aspects have to be taken into account. What is the size of the software supplier? Where do they get most of their business? Do they provide software suitable for your profession? Do they have any long term missions or goals? Realizing your provider’s future intentions may clarify whether they will provide support in the future.


Get Support from Your Software Provider:

When using software or applications for the first time, questions and issues are inevitable. Having good communication with the software supplier is essential to maximize the potential of any software or application. As they have developed the software they will know each and every detail relating to that specific software or application Therefore, any unknown features or options can be identified and may be incorporated properly. Most software developers are open to suggestions and recommendations as it is in their best interest to accommodate the needs of their clients. This is especially true for relatively new software developers.


Acquire the Most Out of Your Software:

It is suggested to apply all features provided by any software or application. Maybe, an unintended use for a feature may be established or multiple operations may be employed with a single option. Spreadsheets and even simple texting are known to exploit this characteristic. For example, texting can be used for internal communication or customer service. This allows the user to make the most out of their investment.


Final Words:

Selecting the most suitable software may seem like a very difficult task, and without any guidance the undertaking may seem impossible. These steps and suggestions were constructed to ease this burden. Following these suggestions should at least speed up the process. The most important step in this process is to establish your company’s specific criteria and requirements, then the search can begin.

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