Multimedia Classroom Monitoring System (MMCMS)

About This Project

Multimedia Classroom Monitoring System (MMCMS)

Multimedia Classroom Monitoring System (MMCMS)

Dream71 Bangladesh Limited has started developing “Multimedia Classroom Monitoring System (MMCMS)”

MMCMS is a multimedia-classroom system where a department, office, district, upazilla, institution can monitor multimedia class room and generate report. The primary goal is to ensure the appropriate use of multimedia in primary, secondary and high school study material. Now, this system can conveniently control around 25000 multimedia-enabled classrooms throughout the country. This app provides several different kinds of information-reports from teachers of multimedia schools-reports from field-level educational officers, number of active multimedia classrooms, quality assessment of continuing education and digital certification.

Project Task:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) Integration with MMCM for whole Bangladesh Division/ District/UpaZilla level institutional users;
  • Automation of the process of providing digital certification to the students;
  • Integration with e-Primary System (includes teacher’s profile, school database);
  • GPS Location



❏ To enhance the existing system design

❏ To make user credential layer for officer and teachers

❏ Send email specific users

❏ To integrate EMIS system

❏ To provide support and maintenance

System Features and Requirements

There are two type of platform in the MMCMS

  1. Web platform
  2. Mobile Platform


Web Platform Features list:

User Credential Layer: Add User Credential Layer for individual teachers and education officers incorporated under Institutions upazila, district and regional ID for personal log-in, better tracking, monitoring and communication for improved monitoring system.

User will be divided into different layer.

Ministry: Ministry only can view whole Bangladesh MMCMS condition.

Division: Division admin can make multiple division officer account user and can wisely monitor the division, district, upazila & institute Multimedia classroom.

District: District will create multiple district officer accounts, and may wisely monitor district, upazila, and Institutes multimedia classroom.

Upazila: Upazila can make multiple upazila officer user account and can monitor Multimedia classroom according to their upazila & institute wise.

Institute: Institute can make new teacher account and can monitor Multimedia classroom according to their institute.

User is divided according to Educational institution type:

  1. General
  2. Madrasa
  3. Tech Institute


Level: We have three level of educational institution. So user are also categorized according to institute level.

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Higher-Secondary So we need to configure the layer user according to level of educational institute, type of institute.



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