About This Project

iTracker generally provides the user with a way to report an issue, track progression towards its resolution, and know who is responsible for resolving the issue. It also allows the manager of the system to customize the tracking procedure. Management can track all issues under all departments associated units using this tool. Employee can get all issues using mobile and web panel.

Features List:

  1. Web panel to manage Task and Team
  2. Real Time Dashboard.
  3. Monitoring Tasks.
  4. Analysis & Reporting.
  5. Messaging.
  6. Group chat.
  7. Video Call & Audio Call
  8. Mobile application for tracking issue


This system allows you to do the following:


  1. Improve company productivity, meet and manage the complete lifecycle of whole task
  2. Analyze the root cause task of delay and reduce repeat incidents of task
  3. Approval system, and implementation with automated work flows
  4. Track, and manage company tasks. Observe Employee performance.
  5. Powerful reporting for all group of company.
  6. Custom reports to monitor of any department.
  7. All tasks progress using real-time and customizable dashboards.
  8. Task management, Create issue, manage resources, and track progress.
  9. Manage Team, Communicate with team through real time chat.
  10. Can Comment, change task status, comment history, History of every Task.
  11. Communicate plans with management, and connects to your team’s work.
  12. Audio/Video/Conferenced calling in the team.
  13. Instant notifications can lead to greater communication method
Enterprise Solution