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Bigganer Rajje:
‘Bigganer Rajje’ is a scientific game based on the text book of Class VI where a little boy is a main character. The boy is named Rajib and he lost his boat in a cyclone. Somehow he reached to an unknown island for survival. Then the story begins with the concepts of the survival and the acts that he had to commit to reach home safely. All he needed was just a newly built boat to reach home and meet his parents. But he had solve some problems of that village to seek help from them. Each and every problems were related to one another and he had to solve all of them. This game was developed by Dream71 and powered by Access to Information (A2I).

Meet the Wise man:
An old wise man was supposed to be the leader of the village. Rajib had to meet him seeking some helps. The man asked him about his identity and how he reached the island. Then replying positively he asked for some helps for the villagers in return. He suggested him to go near the bridge.

Near the bridge:
Near the bridge a man was standing expressing his helplessness for being unable to cross the bridge. The bridge was damaged and none could cross it. Some wooden elements were required for repairing the bridge. But he complained that the shopkeeper wanted money for that wood of 10m length and 2m width. The boy had to take the responsibility to collect that.

Helping the Shopkeeper:
The boy expressed his demands to the shopkeeper but he wanted money in return. But the boy had no money. So he gave him a condition to collect some bamboo and ropes to make a trap for the snake. The boy responded positively collected some for him. In return he got his required woods for the repairment stuffs.

Collecting tools from the lab:
Though Rajib collected the woods but he needed some tools too. So that man suggested him to collect some unused tools from the laboratory. He reached near the lab. But lock wasn’t as usual. He had to open it reflecting the light on the lock. There the boy had to be smart enough to apply the theory of reflection to open the lock.

Repair the bridge:
Taking tools from the lab the boy went back to the bridge. Then they made a hard effort to repair it. But unfortunately some woods were short. So that man suggested the boy to collect some more from the island. The boy, Rajib, did the same and finally they succeeded to repair the bridge completely. At the end that man praised the boy.

Reaching near the crops:
Then he had to go near the crops which were not growing very well crossing the bridge. He checked the crops and identified the problems. But to seek the solution of the problem he needed to meet up the Doctor. But he didn’t know his proper address. So he went to ask a woman of the island.

Asking the woman:
Rajib asked the woman about the address. She said him the proper address but also requested for some medicine for the improvement of her son. She also warned him that he had to reach within a certain time otherwise he would be sustained in deep meditation. Rajib thanked her and rushed to the Doc.

Meeting the Doc:
Successfully Rajib made it to meet the Doc before starting his meditation. Then the Doc asked him why he was seeking him. Rajib detailed him everything. But in response the Doc wanted some chordate and non-chordate animals. The boys collected them in both cases and handed over them to the Doc. Finally he got his required medicine. Before returning to the affected crops he handed over the medicine to the woman required for her son.

Collecting seed and planting them:
Then he returned to the wise man and said that he helped the villagers enough. Then the wise man asked for some more helps. He told him to collect some seeds and plant them in a good place where they could grow fast. Rajib again went to the shopkeeper and collected the seeds. He went to the east coast of the island and planted those seeds where it could get enough light, air & water.

Finally Time to Go Home:
After all his deeds he returned to the wise man and said that he did everything right. The wise man applauded his effort and gave him the good news. They built a new boat for him. They told him where it was anchored. Rajib went that coast. Finally he sailed for home to meet his parents.
Throughout this game you have possess some common knowledge of science to answer correctly. This was based on the textbook of class VI of High School level. If you are smart enough and keep enough knowledge then this game is a fun for you. Let’s learn through playing, studies aren’t boring always.

story 3

Managing Director of Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. Engr. Rashad Kabir was in a live TV Talk show in Independent TV.  The name of the program is “Ashar Bangladesh” in which various positive aspects of Bangladesh are shown.

On the episode of 24 April,2016. they made a report on “Bigganer Rajje” game which is developed by Dream71. Rashad was the invited guest at that event.

Note that’Bigganer Rajje” game is the first educational game in the history of Bangladdesh.

available from : June 2016

available from : June 2016


June 01, 2016

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