Construction of Tier III Data Centre for Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd

About This Project

Narrative description of the Project:

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd provided all the technical services for setting up of TIER – III Standard Data Centre at Dhaka and to Migrate / Relocate the existing Data Centre for which Request for Proposals are invited for proposing a turnkey solution for setting up of the TIER – III Data Centre including all the infrastructure System requirements to be Supplied, Installed, Tested & Commissioned. The detailed functional and technical requirements have been given in subsequent parts and sections of this document.


Detailed Scope of services, coverage of the project:

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd was responsible for the successful Supply, Installation, Testing, Training and handing over of all materials, equipments, hardwares, softwares, appliances etc & Commissioning of the Proposed Data Center along with its infrastructure which includes Civil, Interior & Furniture works, Electrical works, UPS, D.G synchronization, BMS, all L.V cum security systems, softwares, hardwares, environmental controls like humidity, temperature etc., security (including access / monitoring equipment), power systems, power supply.


The Major Work done by Dream71 was :

1. Interiors of the data center (including Civil, Interior & Furniture works, raised floor, false ceiling etc.)
2. Electrical Work (Panels and cabling) a. Provide and commission UPS b. AC wiring circuit c. Main circuit d. Point wiring e. Lighting fixtures
3. Provide and commission UPS
4. Supply and implement physical security (access controls including biometric), Motion sensors and all other types of sensors & hi end security gadgets etc
5. Supply and implement environmental Controls (Air conditioners, humidity control, fire detection and suppression, control panel, etc.)
6. Supply and implement Structured and intelligent Cabling
7. Supply and Implement Video Surveillance systems
8. Supply and implement Pest/Rodent Repellent System
9. Synchronization, Integration with the existing DC elements
11. Synchronization, Integration with the Diesel Generator Set and the other necessary systems required for successful errection, completion & operations of the Data centre.


Key Resource Provided by Dream71 :

  • Project Manager : 01 Person
  • Cyber Security Specialist : 01 Person
  • Data Centre Specialist : 01 Person
  • Network Engineer : 05 Person
  • Hardware Engineer : 06 Person
  • Technical Writer : 01 Person
  • Implementation Engineer : 04 Person
Data Center Infrastructure