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Cannon Shooter-Clash for Love
Cannon Shooter-Clash for Love is a story based free shooting game bringing a new dimension of shooting games Starting a new era of gaming representing a love story of a sweet couple. You have to protect your beloved girl and fight against the evil power.While enjoying your holidays with your girlfriend and decided to have a trip in your personal UFO. Somehow you entered into a new world and disturbed the 100 years meditation of the King of that universe. He got furious, cursed your girlfriend and sentenced to death. Now show your shooting skill to beat his evil power and save the girl.

Choose your weapon:

An ultimate way to choose your Pistol-You can choose your desired weapon. But there will be only one free for you. Others can be chosen on the basis of some terms and conditions. You can get a pistol if you log in with your Facebook id from the device. Else you can buy others purchasing the required amount or you can get them obtaining required points.

Multi staged levels:

Almost 40 several levels in this game of shooting. You have to pass level by level and each one will get harder than before.

Make it Bulls Eye:

Your target will be some clouds positioning above the girl. It will keep raining continuously which will increase the water level. You have to hit the target and fall it down to stop the rain. Thus will help to save your girlfriend from sinking down.
Avoiding the obstacles:

There will be some floating obstacles in front of your shooting position. You have to avoid those to hit the cloud.Sometimes you need to hit them to reflect the bullet towards the cloud.
Defeating the dark spell:
You have to beat the evil power of the Ruler. You have to show your best to dispel the curse from your girlfriend. Your activity will matter a lot to protect her.

Challenge Other Players:
One of the most interesting parts of  the Cannon Shooter game is that you can challenge others to join the fight and beat you. Challenge players from across the world in the Arena to see who’s the most hardcore sharp shooter among all of them.

Win Stars and Unlock Levels:

If you hit the cloud on the very first attempt then you’ll get 3 stars for it and sequentially 2 for the second and 1 for the third shoot. Play the game and unlock levels one after another.


Watch the Official Trailer of Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love .

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20 November

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