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About This Project

BITIMO (Interactive Game on Environmental Awareness for East Timor)

Game on Environmental Awareness


The game will be in the geography of East Timor, 4 islands of the Timor Leste will be represented in the game according to the requirement; they are (a) Atauro Island (b) Dili (c ) Coffee Region   (d ) Oe-cusse Island  . The gameplay will start with the story of the crocodile story which is stated in the background section. There will be an animated visualization of the story. The map will be divided into multiple levels. The player will complete each level of the game at different locations and then unlock the next task. The Player will be asked to do something, such as solve a problem.

In four islands, the player will be able to learn 4 topics based on environmental awareness. They are as follows:

  • The city of Dili for waste management
  • Atauroisland for Marine conservation and the bad effects of waste on the environment.
  • The Coffee Region, Jaco Island for climate change and importance of tree plantation.
  • and Oe-cusse for sustainable farming

Main Objective of the Game:

The main objective is to promote environmental awareness to have a proper understanding of the different causes of environmental pollution, risks, and threats associated with affecting nature and ways of developing an ecological balance through effective measures. While having fun, the boys and girls will learn the different aspects of the environment and develop a habit of fostering environment-friendly activities. The game includes a representation of the rich ecosystems and biodiversity that the Oe-cusse region has and the problems that can affect it.

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