Billing Software for Client Billing Service ( BSCCL )

About This Project

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. has developed Billing Software for Client Billing Service for Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL). The overall objective of this project is to establish a common e-commerce BSCCL Online Market’ platform named for displaying, promoting and selling of Cottage, Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (CMSMEs) products. Also it aims to boost the economy by fostering digital commerce and building a national as well as international supply chain to facilitate the marketing and selling mechanism of CMSMEs as an alternative of physical ones.

The objectives of this proposed system are mentioned below:

• E-Commerce website and app of ‘BSCCL Online Market’ platform and maintenance.
• to create a common e-commerce platform named °BSCCL Online Market’ to display and sell of Bangladeshi CMSME products;
• to facilitate online marketing and selling of CMSME products as an alternative of physical ones;
• to create a technology-based channel for promotion, display, sell, payment and distribution of CMSME products;
• to revive the supply chains and the market of CMSMEs as a whole, disrupted severely by the Covid-19 pandemic.
• to create an easy pass for the CMSMEs to the global market and dissolve the boundary of local syndicates;
• to integrate ‘BSCCL Online Market’ with other national as well as prominent international ecommerce platforms;
• to digitalize the market system with its user-friendly features and convenience throughout the country considering the need of CMSMEs;
• The technologies and UI will be similar, consistent and maintain same standard for all the applications and digital services under the scope of the same platform.
• Operational & technical management and maintenance will be managed centrally which will be easier, less complex.
• Integration with the external and internal systems will be conducted only once which is easier and will save time and effort as well.
• Training, knowledge transfer, capacity development and integration will be more organized, easier and efficient.


System Functional Requirement

This Functional Requirements Description outlines the functional, performance, security and other system requirements identified by BSCCL development working group as the proposed information system solution.

The system includes the following base functionality:

There are 4 major modules in User Panel –
1. Admin Panel
2. Entrepreneur Panel
3. Display Center Panel
4. Customer Panel

There are 4 major modules in Products –
1. Product List
2. Inventory & Stock
3. Product Request
4. Rating & Review

This component will consist of the below 8 major modules –
6. Target Marketing
7. Email & SMS
8. Coupon/Promotion
9. Cross Border Sales
10. Wholesale/Bulk Sale
11. Facebook Sales through messenger
12. Push sell
13. GRS/Trouble Ticket Integration

This component consists of 7 modules as below –
1. List of Orders
2. Order Status
3. Shopping Cart
4. Order Tracking
5. Cancel & Refund
6. Tracking
7. Payment Gateways

This component will have 4 modules as listed below –
16. Manage Partners
17. Order Delivery
18. Stock Inventory
19. Shipping Method

This component will consist of the below 6 modules –
1. Bank Account
2. Sales
3. Expenses
4. Purchases
5. Incentive & Commission management
6. Journals

This component will consist of the below 4 modules –
1. User centric Dashboard
2. Enhanced Reporting
3. Real-Time Reports
4. Smart MAP for Dashboard & Report

This component will consist of the below 5 modules –
1. User Role and Access Management
2. Notice Management
3. Notification
4. Visitor or Traffic Monitoring
5. Data Backup

Additional Components:
• Data Integrity and Integration
• System Security & Optimization


Billing Software, BSCCL