Cargo Management for AIRCARGO.NL

About This Project

AirCargo Netherlands is a well-known independent freight forwarder. They specialize in air transport, worldwide, for various types of goods. These can range from perishables to large bulky cargo. They pride themselves on their prompt service and are adamant about trying to relive their clients from any kind of stress or unforeseen issues. They stay true to their motto; your freight, our experience.

Graphical representation of quotations, income, profit, and total sales are all shown on the dashboard. They will be adjusted as more information is provided. Patterns can easily be detected with the help of these charts and business practices can be adjusted accordingly. Comparisons of important aspects, such as income, can be made to understand if products are being sold on a consistent basis.


The information can be accessed by employees on the go using this useful mobile application. They will be able to access:

  • Quotations
  • Prospects
  • Customer List
  • Record of Sales

Open quotes can be created using both the web admin panel and the mobile application. Both tools even indicate the route taken by the package. The status of each quote can also be viewed.




Many different charts are generated in the web admin panel. The employee sales report is separated employee wise so that comparisons can be made by the administration. The magnitude of pending and accepted quotations is also represented. These charts are very important in the cargo industry as sales are more time sensitive and are always on a tight schedule. Destinations and transferring points are listed on the web admin panel to help maintain the efficiency of this cargo transport enterprise.

Enterprise Solution, Mobile Application