Pocket Sales71

Already the pcoktsales71 solution has taken the world by storm and now only for the Japanese pharmaceutical industry dream71 Bangladesh introduced the pocketsales71 pharma Japanese edition where the focus is dedicated to Japanese pharma industry. It is designed and developed by both Japanese organization dream in pocket and Bangladeshi organization dream71 Bangladesh limited

Business Model:

It offers a distinctive approach to manage sales teams. It provides an innovative way to not only achieve that prospect, but offers an assortment of other features. The main attraction is sales force tracking. This feature will allow management to receive constant relevant information regarding each and every employee. As a result, this will allow the administration to utilize the workforce more efficiently and maximize the potential of the team.

Capabilities of the Web Admin Panel:

This web admin panel of PocketSales71 is designed to provide complete information about the sales activity of the sales force. These include the following options:

  • Instantly provides summary information of the sales activity through Dashboard.
  • Can access detailed information about customers, employees, transactions, inventory etc.
  • Admin can export and import the data from this database.
  • All news, notifications, events, can be uploaded through the admin panel.
  • Admin can fix target on a monthly basis or product based.


PocketSales71 will also provide additional privileges to automatic sales procedures:

  • Automatic order generation.
  • Live data updates from the warehouse.
  • Customer relation platform

Document Management:

Invoice List: This option permits the sales force to manage all business invoices in a productive manner and can be referenced to at any time.

Customer List: A highly descriptive overview of all existing customers. This list can be easily altered by the admin.

Data Management:

KPI: This Key Performance Indicator allows management to grasp an idea regarding the performance of their employees along with information related to top selling products (monthly).ime.

Dashboard: A very informative dashboard that displays news, messages, and target sales in a straightforward manner.

Attendance: Guarantee the presence of the sales force. Provides specific time-based location of sales force with the utmost accuracy.

Target: Monthly targets may be set for employees by the administration. The target will be shown in that sales person’s mobile screen with a pie chart. It will be like this.

Sales Tracking: An exceptional tool that can track the whereabouts of the sales force enabling easy verification for assigned meetings and easy management.

Role Management:

It is a very important feature. Under this option, the management will be able to control the access of the users. It functions in a very simplistic manner. The user can easily restrict the options of different users. Whenever a person logs in, he/ she will be able to access only those options that were set by the management.

Whenever a person clicks the “Assign Control” option then the following window will open.

Area Management: This will divide an area into a different zone and assign them with different codes.

Employee Type: The management will be able to add different types of employees.