Biometric Capture in PeopleBookHR – A unique HR solution


18 Oct Biometric Capture in PeopleBookHR – A unique HR solution

Replace your manual time and attendance tasks with our HRM module. Capture and maintain time sheet and attendance data, save valuable HR time and eliminate delays in understanding workforce attendance trends.

By this time all of us are indeed familiar with the biometric attendance policy, the system where we have to put our designated finger on the scanner. The scanner then reads the data and collects check in and checkout information. Problem is, the system is not automated meaning you have to collect the data and manually put it in the HR software to come up with the report and even to process in the payroll these reports needs to be sent manually.

That is why, PeopleBookHR introduces the attendance management system along with other modules, where the check in and check out information is directly sent to the web application from where employers can monitor their employees attendances and also employees can see their status through the app. Simply by accessing, an employee can check the attendance and have an insight of it. Not only that, employers have the access to check any employee’s attendance at any given moment. Also it gives the access to edit attendance history but only by the authorized personnel. So, this app promises a revolution in attendance management.

Key features of the Time and Attendance Management module include:

  • Capture information entered manually or through upload of information from a biometric device
  • Track time information for individuals, defined projects or tasks
  • View detailed attendance and timesheet data
  • Improve HR and workforce productivity

Time and attendance tracking is a key HR function. Use our HRM module to simplify your HR management tasks today.

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