PeopleBookHR wins two popular 2017 HR Management Awards


21 May PeopleBookHR wins two popular 2017 HR Management Awards

There are plenty of professional bells and whistles in the HR software industry waiting to be discovered, but when it comes to retaining customers and gaining expert recognition, the logic is simple: a system must be functional, intuitive, and friendly to use. This is exactly how FinancesOnline’s experts described human resources system that automates core management operations.



The B2B professionals in charge of this popular B2B software directory submitted our system to a standardized scoring procedure, and concluded it met all criteria to be awarded with two of their most prominent awards: The Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award for HR management. Both awards are reserved for top performing systems, which give users a familiar environment to work in, deliver the best and most accessible customer support, and establish a notably good traction with users despite of their short presence in the online HR software arena. The software was also mentioned on the list of leading HR software

What FinancesOnline experts believe to be the highlight of our system is the unique combination of basic and advanced capabilities, which make PeopleBookHR usable in any business scenario. PeopleBookHR automates essential areas of HR management, including attendance, document management, payroll, holidays and sick leaves, performance management, roster management, resource allocation, and more, but what is really appreciable about it is the possibility to customize and tailor its operations, and make it more business-specific. Experts were also impressed by its advanced biometric capabilities, and the payment accuracy that eliminates disastrous manual errors.

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